The Company

EVLOYIA PCC was established in 2013 with the sole mission of providing authentic products from Mount Athos in Greece and abroad. For this reason, it was staffed from the very first moment with scientifically trained executives, in order to produce certified products of high quality, while having a long experience in the food and beverage industry. The year 2016 is regarded as a milestone, when our company came to an agreement with the Saint Paul’s Monastery and took up the vertical management of the monastery’s metochi in the Monoxilitis location, implementing an innovative program in Mount Athos, with the aim of producing and promoting the metochi’s goods in the Greek market, as well as in the foreign markets under the brand name MONOXILITIS.
In this way, our company contributes, among other things, to the support of the monks, as well as to the preservarvation of the Mount Athos legacy, always having the same philosophy and mission: to produce always unique products, based on and inspired by the special Athonite way of life and the rich tradition of Mount Athos, with the aim of offering products of high quality all over the world, in collaboration with specialized scientists and renowned organizations.