Mount Athos Diet

The diet followed by the monks of Mount Athos is simple, delicious and 100% healthy. Based on pure materials, which comeabundantfrom the Greek land, it is a shield against cancer and dozens of other diseases.
The monks of Mount Athos eat food without preservatives, fats and spices. They make small meals at certain times of the day, exercise naturally with their rural and other day-to-day activities and, most importantly, are abstinent
Their nutritional rules are rigorous:
They are abstaining from meat. Even on Easter Day they prefer fresh fish, which they consume all year round on schedule.
They add olive oil in food only Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday – Sunday.
They do not use any other fat to cook. Butters, cooking fats, margarines, cream, balsamic and other related products have no place in their kitchen.
They fastfrom fish and oil 40 days before Christmas, 50 days before Easter and 15 days before the feasts of the Holy Apostles and the Virgin Mary on the 15th of August.

They consume a lot of olives, vegetables, bread and pasta 240 days a year.
To stimulate the body they drink milk and eat cheeses, eggs and uncooked pies in the days in which they don’t consume oil or after fasting.
They rarely consume calamari, octopuses, cuttlefish, lobsters, etc. during the fasting period (all mollusks are considered immune because they have no blood).
They eat all the year, without limitation, greens in salad, mushrooms and forest fruits (wild strawberries, wild figs, wild cherries, cranberries, blueberries, chestnuts, nuts etc.).