Monoxilitis and the Saint Nicholas Metochi of Saint Paul’s monastery

On the northwestern side of Mount Athos, before reaching Jovanitsa, the Monoxilitis area spreads over an area of over 800 acres. According to our historical sources, the name has derived from a monk who used a single – wood (in Greek Monoxilo) boat to fish, while another version speaks of wood that was driven by the Avars’ shipwrecked fleet during the siege of Constantinople in 626 AD.

The Saint Nicholas metochi of Saint Paul’s monastery, in the Monoxilitis location, is surrounded by pine forest, large botanical gardens and organic vineyards which we cultivate with endless love and care, in collaboration and under the supervision of the American Farm School. The metochi has two natural sources of quality drinkable water, excellent and unpolluted soil composition and environmental microclimate. The biodiversity can impress even the most demanding naturalist, in a place where there were vineyards and olive groves since the beginning of the first millennium. The unique route of the river and its ending in the “Three Brothers” sea waves, an enchanting place of three rocks that pop out in the shallows of the sea, give life and prospect to the domestic rich flora and fauna.